When you’re in the mood; spells for love

So, you’re in the mood for love? Do not be alarmed; no-one’s going to bite you at this time of the night. But someone might just ask you nicely to leave that online dating site you’ve been spending far too much time on already. You’re so tired, but still you persist. Haven’t you got the picture yet, this is not the real way to fall in love or find love. Meeting people online is one thing, but what will it be like when you meet them in person.

spells for love

For all you know, you could be meeting an axe murderer, figuratively speaking, of course. As a guy, you could be in for the fatal attraction of your life. Guys and girls don’t go there. If it’s not dangerous, it’s pretty useless. Yes, it’s true, once in a blue moon; people do connect with their soul mates online. But how often have you seen a blue moon in your lifetime. How often in your life have you witnessed a paper moon even?

Paper moons are for guys and girls who finally fall in love. A few spells for love, here and there, are for those guys and girls still trying to find love, in the darkest hours of the night, especially when there’s no moon in sight, and the brightest hours of the morning when the sun’s all a bright. To get this right, you need to have a chat with an authentic Wicca practitioner. She knows all about the matters of the heart. It’s her job to bring love to people.

And what happens when you’re not in the mood for love? Maybe that’s also a good time to visit your Wicca. Maybe she can cast a spell or two to lift you out of your gloom.